Dubai to UK travel information

The United Kingdom is situated in the heart of Europe and it is developed country of this region. This country is an excellent environment and the majority of visitors and tourist elect this country for exploring. There are fantastic natural views and it has classic mountains, rivers, beaches, meadows, forest plains and other sightseeing places. This is fantastic tourist destination and London is the most visited city of the world. The tourist from other parts of the world visit this country for different purposes like site exploring, visit friends and family, medical checkup, business tours, etc. however, all these visit demands visit visa from the oversea visitors. Similarly, the visitors from Dubai that is Emirate of the United Arab Emirate must have a visit visa prior to enter in this country. The second important requirement for this travel is a valid air ticket from Dubai to London or any other city of this country. It is necessary for the visitors that he must have enough budgets to support himself during this tour and have all valid traveling documents. The visit visa is issued for a specific time and after the expiry of this visits visa the visitor must return to his native country.

Things to see and do in UK
This country is civilized, developed and equipped with all modern facilities and services. There are many things to see and do in this country. There are many places to watch like Buckingham palace, tower of London, Brighton, Chats worth house, Oxford University, Stonehenge, Old Trafford, etc. Besides this there are numbers of museum, parks, libraries and public places. The atmosphere of this country is marvelous and that is why it attracts million of visitors from other region of the world.

Accommodation in UK
Although this country has fantastic hotel and restaurants, but the other option for the visitors from Dubai to stay in hostel which will cost about 15 to 40 GBP. There are different facilities in these hostels like internet, breakfast and common room. The visitors can stay in hotel and there are different types of hotel and cost different according to the provided facilities and services. The hotel room provides full privacy and religion practices like prayers.

Food in UK
In this country, there are hundreds of foods and dishes from different region of the world. The Muslims can get Halal food from hotel and restaurants. The foods are available in different prices from cheap to luxurious dishes. This country provides dishes from all countries of the world including UAE foods and beverages for Dubai and other Emirates visitors. There are many Arabic restaurants and hotel from where Dubai inhabitant can get food and other refreshments.

Dubai to UK travels requirements.
There are different requirements for Dubai to England travel including valid traveling documents. The most prominent document for traveling is valid passport of Dubai inhabitant that is going to visit England. The other important and vital requirement for this visit is enough budgets to bear the all expenses during this visit. Similarly, it is also necessary that Dubai traveler must be in good physical position to travel this country and he must be properly immunized. Moreover, it is also necessary for this visit that Dubai traveler must have insurance for this travels. However, the followings are some basic requirements which must be fulfilled by Dubai traveler.
1. Valid passport of Dubai traveler and other traveling documents.
2. Recent passport sized color pictures of the visitor.
3. Sponsor letter if required.
4. Medial fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
5. Enough budgets for this visit in the form of bank statement, traveler’s cheque or credit card.
6. Valid visit visa, hotel reservation and return ticket.

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