Pakistan to Dubai travel information

Dubai is included in the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates. This is now a cosmopolitan city because there is blend of different culture. This Emirate is financially stable because of oil and gold exports top other countries of the world. There are fantastic gold market and number of foreign companies. This Emirate pulls the tourist and visitors from different region of the world because of its economy, touring sites and modern culture. The travelers from all countries of the world including Pakistan travelers visit this part of the world for different purposes. Dubai administration need visits visa from the overseas travelers. The visit visa is issued for limited time, but it is necessary and vital for foreign tourists. The visit visa is released from the UAE embassies located in all countries of the world including Pakistan. This visit visa can be applied online, but the majority of the people visits the embassy for this purpose.

Things to see and do in Dubai
Dubai is a new emerging modern world and it has all types of facilities and services for the travelers. Dubai is famous for its monuments and natural beauties of sea. There are numbers of beaches for the foreign travelers and other entertainment as water games in shallow sea. However, Dubai has many things for overseas travelers including Pakistani. The prime attraction for the visitors and travelers are Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, IMG Words of Adventure, Burj Khalifa, Al Fahidi Historic District. Simialrly, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeriah Mosque, Dragonfly by Tim Raue,Zuma, Arabian Tea House, Kite Beach, White Dubai, Logma, Dubai Mall, etc. Similarly, this Emirate has deserts safari and other natural picnic points for tourists.

How to apply Dubai visit visa from Pakistan?
The tourist visit visa is usually arranged by the tourist, but sometime it can be arranged by the hotel, airline and touring companies. Similarly friends, family members can also arrange this visa. In Pakistan Dubai visits visa applicant visit the embassy and submit an application for this as well as deposit visa processing fee. The visa officer checks all the provided documents and then takes decision about the visit visa. However, this visa usually issued travelers for visiting this Emirate.

Accommodation in Dubai
Dubai has classic and fantastic hotel and restaurants for the overseas travelers. These hotels are equipped with all modern facilities and services. The majority of the hotel has the traditional Asian foods. Hotel of this Emirate are comfortable and have skilled hotel staff.

Food in Dubai
Dubai is the hub of the cultures and that is why all sorts of foods are viable in this Emirate including Pakistani and Indian foods. The hotel offers intercontinental dishes, Italian, Chinese and local traditional dishes of this region. Pakistani foods are frequently available in this Emirate.

Pakistan to Dubai travels requirements.
The travelers from Pakistan must have a valid visit visa and other traveling documents. The other important requirement for this visits visa is handsome budgets that facilitate the visitor during his stay in this Emirate. The followings some documents are necessary for this visits visa. However, the visa processing fee will not be refund to the visa applicant in case of visa rejection from visa officer. The followings are some basic documents which are required for this travels.
1. The valid passport and other traveling documents are required from the traveler.
2. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
3. Fresh bank statement submitted by the visit visa applicant.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
5. Visa processing fee must be attached with application.
6. Police clearance certificate from the native country.

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