Pakistan to UK travel information

The United Kingdom is the fantastic and civilized country of the world. It is located in the Europe and that is why the majority of the people like to visit this country. This country has natural beauty in the shape of green meadows, plains, rivers, beaches, forests and classic seas. This country pulls the foreign visitors and tourists including Pakistani people. Moreover, there are world class museum, hotel, Universities, bridges and different types of clubs. The United Kingdom administration demands visit visa from the overseas visitors prior to enter in this country. The visit visa takes time so it is necessary for the visa applicant that he must start this process before three months to departure. The visit visa can be used for visiting friends and family, site exploring, medical assistance or attending business seminar or deals. Similarly, Pakistani individuals also visit this country for business consignments, business deals, seminars, medical checkup or treatment. It is important for the United Kingdom travelers that the traveler must have valid traveling documents.

Things to see and do in UK
The UK is world class country and it is famous for its beauty and provided facilities. The natural beauty and other monuments fascinate the world tourists and that is why they rush this country. However, there are some best sites for exploring or visiting like Stonehenge, Tower of London, the Roman Baths and British Museum. Moreover, York Minster, historic Yorkshire and Chester Zoo are the most visited places. The other icons of this country are Royal Museums, National Gallery, Warwick Castle and Lake District National Park.

Accommodation in UK
England is familiar for its fantastic hotel and restaurants. There are classic hotel those are equipped with all modern facilities and services. Pakistani travelers usually prefer the guest houses and hotels having the Halal foods. Pakistani people like business community, tourists try to reside in good hotels and enjoy the provided facilities. The majority of the Pakistani visitors try to accommodate with friends or relative in this country. However, there are different types of hotel and guest house which offers good accommodation rates.

Food in UK
The United Kingdom is that kind of country that has different types of hotel and restaurants. These hotels and guest houses offer prepare dishes like continental, Chinese, Italian and native of this country. These hotels also provide Indian and Pakistan dishes for travelers, tourists and resident individuals. This country has a large Muslim population and that is why there are specific foods for these people. In this country, Pakistani, Indian and Asian foods are popular and these dishes are frequently available in entire country.

Pakistan to UK travels requirements.
The United Kingdom has very strict policy regarding visit visa and they do not allow anybody in this country without this official document. The basic and fundamental requirements for Pakistani travelers are that they must have valid traveling documents, valid visit visa, and enough budgets to bear the expenses of this trip. To prove this the travelers shows his air tickets, hotel reservation and other paid services. It is also necessary for Pakistani travelers that must have good physique and moral character. In some case proper immunization is required prior to enter in this country. However, the followings are some necessary requirement for this travels.
1. Valid passport and its validity must be over six months.
2. Fresh passport sized color picture of the traveler.
3. Latest bank statement that shows the financial position of the traveler.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
5. Copy of return ticket, hotel reservation and other related documents.
6. Visit visa processing fee receipt.
7. Security clearance certificate from the native country.

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