Dubai construction jobs procedure

Dubai construction jobs

Dubai is located in Gulf and this area is mostly occupied by the desert. Dubai is totally a new constructed Emirate which has huge buildings and malls. Dubai is a commercial city and has become a cosmopolitan business center in the world. Dubai is also familiar for famous top class buildings and there are various icons in the form of large buildings and towers. Dubai is also famous for its construction designing and architecture styles. Dubai buildings contain both traditional and modern touch. Dubai is going to construct huge malls and buildings due to this Dubai is looking for quality, progressive and skilled constructions people from the world. Dubai also has popular national and international construction firms, which are constructions huge icons in the shape of buildings. Dubai mostly hire it require construction workers from different countries. Usually the construction firms or companies advertise their jobs in news papers, but some large construction companies have their own web sites through those they advertise jobs. Construction companies also advertise in news paper because they want talented and skilled workers from the world. Mostly the construction organization hires Engineers, manager, masons, carpenters, machinery operators and some other common construction jobs. All Dubai construction jobs are distributed among the recruiting agencies and then they gather construction workers in their centers for interviews and tests.

How to get Dubai construction job

Dubai main or prime construction companies advertise online or in news papers, but they also advertise in other countries local newspapers for talented construction workers to fill all vacant positions. The top construction job demands skilled and qualified workers from the world just as Engineers and surveyors while the other ordinary construction jobs are filled through practical test and interviews. The practical test and interviews are taken by the delegates from Dubai and they select most suitable employee from hundreds of workers. Dubai selection delegation visit different countries recruiting centers for hiring construction workers. Dubai normally hires construction workers by their registered recruiting agents. These agents or recruiting agencies gathers workers through local newspapers advertisement. Dubai appoints or inducts only skilled, experienced workers from different region of the world. Dubai construction workers can apply through postal service through a plane application and other related documents. Engineers and other professional of construction can apply online through up loading their scan documents in given time. This is very necessary that the applicant first chose a construction job according to his qualifications or experience and then apply online or through postal service.

Dubai construction job requirements

Dubai construction companies always prefer skilled and experienced construction workers for its construction companies. However, they also encourage fresh candidates having qualification regarding construction. Mostly construction workers or employees do not need any special types of qualification, but only experience or skills that make a difference. The selection board or delegation from Dubai selects construction workers through judging their skills in demonstration. The construction workers in recruiting agencies physically construct some sort of project in their own recruiting agencies. Engineers and other construction professionals must submit their academic documents like degrees, certificates and diplomas. They also dispatch their professional qualification and experience letters from their ex-employers. The heavy machine operators require driving and operating diplomas from the reputable organization. Similarly surveyors require diploma in surveyor’s course, but there are some common documents which are compulsory for all construction workers in Dubai just as follow.

Candidate passport which should be valid and has few blank pages.
2. Application dully signed by applicant and on given format.
3. Curriculum vitae of applicant.
4. Recent passport sized color photographs.
5. Identity proof of applicant.
6. Fitness certificate.
7. Academic and other documents attested copies.
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