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Dubai is a leading the Arab world in oil exports, construction business and gold trading. These commodities change the economy of this Emirate and dues to these businesses the Dubai government inducts different types of the employees to facilitate these trades. Dubai companies, organization, offices, business units and residents hire drivers. Driving jobs in Dubai are categorized into two main types like light vehicles drivers and heavy vehicles drivers, besides this there are some machines which are also derived or operate by skilled individuals. Light vehicle drivers are required in offices, hospitals and as scoffer in homes, hotels, etc. The heavy vehicles drivers are inducted in companies as truck, trailers or bus drivers. Similarly, bus drivers are also appointed in educational institutes and public transportation. Dubai driver jobs are common as taxi driver or personal driver at home. There are different foreign families residing in Dubai appoint personal driver for personal pick and drop.

Drivers prime duty is to shift the passenger or goods from one place to another. In companies driver provide pick and drop to workers on a daily basis from accommodation to workplace. Moreover, he is responsible to maintain his vehicle in order and follow native traffic rules and regulation. He must check his vehicle and ensure all systems are working properly like lights, clutches, batteries, tires, induction system and most importantly brakes. He must keep the mileage record, fuel consumption and destination details. If he finds any problem in vehicle system, then immediately report to head office. It is necessary for the light and heavy vehicles drivers that they must have sound relevant experience. Drivers also asset the passengers in their luggage loading and unloading. The oil companies truck drivers or heavy vehicles driver transports oil from oil refineries to fuel pumps. The heavy drivers like truck and trailer drivers deliver goods from a company to seaports or airports and other destination within Dubai.

Qualification and experience
Dubai driver jobs are usually advertised in leading news papers and online job providing websites. Driver jobs in companies and other professional organization demands light vehicles or heavily vehicles United Arab Emirates driving license which must be valid. It is also necessary for drivers that they must have minimum two to three years experience and at least high school certification. Experienced drivers salary package is slightly higher than the inexperienced or new drivers in Dubai. Similarly, it is also necessary for the drivers that they must have good English and Arabic speaking skills. It is also vital for the drivers that they must have sound knowledge of United Arab Emirates roads.

How to apply
These drivers job are usually advertised in famous Arabic and English news papers. However, jobs providing websites also announced these Dubai vacant jobs. There are commonly two ways for applying these driver jobs. The most common and easy way is to apply online through provide application format which does not require any hard copies of documents. The applicant can also apply through reliable courier service by sending all attested copies of documents. It is also necessary that the driver must have a valid United Arab Emirates driving license according to vehicle category just as light vehicle or heavy vehicle.

Salary and other facilities
Dubai drivers job offer different types of salary package according to the company or organization polices. The personal drivers or scoffers earn differently from their employer. Similarly, there are different organization which offers different salaries packages. Heavy vehicles drivers earn more salary and other facilities like accommodation, health and other recommended offers. The average salary for drivers is between AED 3500 to AED 5000 per month. The personal drivers get many other extra advantages from the employer family like free accommodation, food and basic health facility.

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