Dubai hotel jobs

Dubai hotel jobs
Dubai, a new emerging commercial zone in gulf region, which attracts millions of visitors, tourists, businessmen and employees from all over the world. Dubai accommodates these visitors and tourist in fantastic hotels, restaurants and guest houses. Dubai business community also rushes toward this destination from other parts of the globe. Dubai is a core location in Gulf for business activities. Business person and traders visit for their consignments and agreements with other companies and organization. Dubai also has fantastic attractions for tourists and visitors just like amazing beaches and desert safari. All these guests, tourists and visitors accommodates in top ranked hotels and restaurants. Dubai has fantastic world class hotels which are equipped with modern facilities and services. Dubai hotels managements always try to hunt more skilled and qualified individuals for their vacant position in hotels. Dubai hotels advertise different types of jobs like driver, event planner, receptionist, guest service manager, housekeepers, porter, room attendant, general manager, security men, public relation officer, general manager, chef, cook, dishwasher, waiter, etc.

In Dubai hotels there are different jobs which have different task to do. All the jobs or vacancies are filled by skilled, experienced and qualified employee. These jobs are usually advertised in famous news papers and online websites. The leading or executive position in hotel is a general manager, which is responsible for whole management; hiring and firing hotel staff. However, the next important job in hotel belongs to reception office as receptionist. The receptionist the real mirror of the hotel and he/she is the front person who welcomes guest and guide them according to their need and requirement. Similarly, hotel chef and cook plays key role in hotel kitchen and prepare schedule and ordered dishes for guests. It is necessary for the chef to have famous recipes like Chinese, Italian, intercontinental or native dishes. The other prime job in hotel belongs to waiter or waitress they guide the guest toward the reserved table, present menu, take order, serves food and beverages.

Qualification and experience
Dubai hotels management always hires talented, qualified and right person for right job. The management picks more skilled and relevant individual to fill the vacant position in hotel. The general manager positions demands marketing degree like master in business administration, hospitality management or relevant degree and required experience in same field. The receptionist jobs also need professional qualification like degree in public relation or in public management. The hired individual must equipped with same job experience prior to this. Similarly, event planner manager is also a prominent figure in hotel management and he must have businesses or hospitality management background. The chef’s job in hotel is remarkable and this man is real taste maker. The chef or cook must have certification or diplomas in cooking. They also be expert in international dishes like Chinese, Italian and intercontinental recipes along with local or native food of this Emirate.

How to apply
Dubai hotels job advertisement are usually available in leading Arabic and English newspapers. Besides these newspapers, the hotel jobs also announced in job providing websites. It is open for the candidate that he/she can apply online through given format or send all yours required documents through reliable courier service. It is necessary that you must understand all the requirement and relevant experience prior to contact or dispatching your particulars.

Salary and other facilities
All hotel jobs demand a reasonable experience from same field, but the hotel general manager position demands minimum ten year experience. The average salary for this position is about AED 20000 to 230000. Similarly chef must be experienced in all sorts of dishes including demanded or regional dishes. The average chef salary in Dubai is about AED 5000 to AED 5500 per month along with other recommended facilities like accommodation and food.

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