Dubai house jobs

Dubai house jobs
Dubai is fantastic and economical well established Emirate in United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is financially stabled because of oil and gas production as well as other industries successfully running. Dubai economy is outstanding due to oil exports to other parts of the world. The majority of the inhabitants are stale according to finance, but the foreign national are also well settle because of handsome earning. Dubai inhabitant or residents hire different types of servants in the form of house maid, housekeeper, house helper, lady maid, house servant, etc. All these jobs are personally hired by the family for their routine house jobs like cleaning, cooking, ironing, washing clothes, home maintenance, shopping, etc. The house maid jobs are advertised in local newspapers or online recruiting websites. The families in Dubai usually try to hire more skilled, experienced and qualified individual to house jobs. These residents and foreign people always looking for those house maids or servants which are equipped with all house jobs expertise as well as they have the same conversation language for easily communication.

There are some basic responsibilities of the house maid in Dubai like vacuuming, cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, kids and elder family members caring. Similarly, house maid helps out in eating, dressing and other needs of kids. He/she is also responsible for kitchen item purchasing and stock maintaining. Moreover, he/she also maintains the expenditure records. The house maid or house servant cleans windows, wood furniture and staircases. The house maid also attends incoming phone calls in the absence of the employer. House maid in Dubai prepare food in the kitchen for the family members or assist in this work. He/she also changes bed sheets from beds according to the instructions of the family head or owner. House maid also provide medicine to family member according to the doctor advice. This house maid position is also required in hotel and hospitals where he/she performs about same tasks according to the order of the supervisor.

Qualification and experience
Dubai house maid jobs are fantastic because of good working environment, but it is necessary for this job candidate that he/she must be experienced in same field. He /she can assign work without any supervision independently. He/she must be punctual and complete all given tasks within given time frame. The house servant must prove a professionalism and he/she should be has at least high school education. Similarly, fully understand the employer family language without any hurdle. Although there is no such types of formal education is needed, but necessary to have basic qualification. It is necessary for the house maid that he/she must understand and review the job list for which he/she is being hired by the employer in Dubai. It is also compulsory for the house maid that he/she must know the kids handling and elder people care.

How to apply
Dubai servant or house maid jobs are normally advertised in leading news papers and online job recruiting websites. There is an option and even a format is provided for online application. While the other ordinary and traditional method of applying is through ordinary postal service or advance courier service. The postal service application requires all relevant documents in attested form along with experience or covering letter.
Salary and other facilities
The salary to house maid job is totally dependent upon the employer or family head. The salary is also adjusted according to mutual understanding or according to the nature of jobs in the house. However, the average salary in Dubai for this house servant job is about AED 1500 to AED 2500 per month. Similarly, other facilities like accommodation, food and medical assistance is also provided by the employer.

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