Dubai security guard jobs

Dubai security guard jobs
Security guard or security officer protects the property and lives of the public from criminals. Similarly, monitor and watch public and private property. Security guard usually guards office, companies and institution entry points. The security guard regularly patrols assigned buildings and properties. The security person keenly observe security system, camera and alarm system. Security guard in Dubai usually secures buildings, offices, shopping malls, private residences and personal security. Security guard in Dubai equipped with all modern equipment like scanners, metal detectors, communication system and modern gun. In Dubai there are hundreds of commercial institutions like banks and financial institution hire more skilled security guards. Security guard also hired for personal security or residence security. Dubai security guard jobs are available as full-time and part-time in different business units. In Dubai these jobs are considered a handsome salary paid jobs. Dubai security jobs are very simple just demands required high school certification, medical fitness and security training or coaching from recognized institute.

The main aim and purpose of the security guard job is to secure and safe the personal life and belongings. The security guard is assisted by all modern technologies and facilities like cameras, metal detector, scanners, alarm system and coordination system. The Security guard completely scans vehicles and other luggage because of security purpose. The security guard keeps security tight and provide fantastic and secure working environment to workers. He is concerned with any disturbance and misunderstanding. The security guards continually monitor closed-circuit camera in control room, check building and other premises. He is ready for any emergency and prepares first aid kit. The security guard keenly observe unlawful activates and threats alert. The security guard identifies irrelevant person and violator of security measures. He manages and control all security system and equipment. The security guard also compiles report regarding security matter on a daily basis. These securities guard protective duties in different places like in shopping malls, banks, commercial organization, hotels, restaurants, sourest points and educational institutes.

Qualification and experience
Dubai organizations and institution hires or appoint qualified and experienced security guard. It is necessary for security guard to cope with uncertainty and behave like professional. Similarly, have amazing public security experience. In Dubai the basic required qualification is at least high school certification and should be minimum one to two years experience in relative field. It is necessary for the security guard that he must be aware about Emirate laws and the age limit should be in between 18 year to 21 years. This job also demands relevant training of their profession that facilitates the security guards jobs and make it easier.

How to apply
Dubai security guard vacant position usually published in top ranked daily news papers and online websites. The online website provide an opportunity for the applicant to apply online if the applicant thinks that he is the right man for this job. There is an application format which requires some basic information regarding applicant. The other traditional method is through reliable courier service that demands hard copies of testimonials and it is compulsory that all documents must be attested. These advertisements usually provide a deadline for documents submission and it is necessary that application must be reached prior to deadline in Dubai.

Salary and other facilities
There are different types of security guard jobs in Dubai and they offer different salary packages and other related facilities. The foreign companies and employer salary structure is different as compare to native Dubai companies or organization. However, the average salary for this job, which is offered in Dubai is in between AED 3000 per month along with other facilities according to the United Arab Emirates rules and regulation.

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