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Canada is situated in North America continent and it is next door neighbor of the United States. It is a developed country in the world and has huge natural resources and industries. Moreover, it attracts million of visitors and tourist because of its natural beauty and fantastic infrastructure. Canada is financially stable country because of its natural resources and petroleum products. This country has fantastic world class hotels and resorts to welcome millions of tourists and visitors each year. Canadian hotels and resort accommodates these visitors and provides fantastic living environment. Canada hotels are more than world standard because of facilities and marvelous hotel staff which are professional. Canada has some outstanding hotels and resorts like Rosewood hotel Georgia, Ritz-carlton montréal, Wickaninnish inn, Wedgewood hotel and spa, Auberge saint-antoine, Fairmont Pacific rim, Shangri-la hotel, Vancouver, Four seasons resort and residences whistler, the hazelton hotel Toronto and fogo island inn. Canada hotels usually advertise these jobs in leading news papers and online recruiting website just as general manager, marketing coordinator, restaurant manager, kitchen manager, event planner, public relations coordinator, reservations agent, hotel deposit clerk, bar staff, chef, cook, housekeeper, dishwasher, Porter, waiter, waitress, driver, gardener, etc.

In Canada hotel general manager is the key figure and he is responsible for all ongoing activities, mange all segments of the hotels like finance, planning events, coordinate with other employees of the hotels. The marketing coordinator is responsible for marketing and advertisement through different campaigns and publicity seminars. The restaurant manager perform different task like checking and monitoring restaurant management. The event planner is related to planning different types of events like wedding or other celebrations. The public relation coordinator is the man having contacts with public and pulls the public into his own hotel for different activities. The other important position in Canadian hotels is receptionist, who is appointed to welcome the guests and fulfills the demands of the guests; respond on incoming calls and in person. The chef’s job is also a key job in the hotels and he is responsible for making different dishes and experts in different regional dishes. The waiters are concerned with taking orders, placing foods and beverages and receiving bills.

Qualification and experience
It is necessary for the hotel general manager that he must have marketing degree or business management degree holder along with relevant sound experience and good in communication. The marketing coordinator should be expert in marketing and advertisement. He must have relevant degree in marketing or publicity along with experience. The restaurant manager is the man having enough experience in restaurant organization, management and smoothly running. He must have degree in management sciences or hospitality management. The event planning manager must be equipped with event planning management degree and experience. The public relation coordinator is the person having degree and experience in public relation. The receptionist must have degree or certification in public relation or hospitality management. The chef must have certification in different foods and dishes while the waiters must have gradation and relevant experience.

How to apply
These hotels job are usually published in leading news papers, but also in recruiting website. The website provides an opportunity to send your application online by filling out the provided application format. Canadian hotels also have their own website and they also advertise these jobs on their website. There is an option to send application through hotel own website. However, applicant can also send his application through postal service or courier service.

Salary and other facilities
Canada hotels and resorts offer an excellent salary packages to its hotel employees. There are various hotels job in hotel and all have different salary packages. The general manager hotel earn about C$ 5000 per month, chef usually draws about C$ 4000 per month, while receptionist salary is about C$ 3800 per month. Similarly, housekeeper draws about C$ 3200 per month.


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