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Canada being a developed country its inhabitant are financially stable and earn handsome salary packages. Canada residents both husbands and wife goes to their offices or workplace because of this they require part-time or full-time housekeeper or house maid to perform different house tasks. Similarly these house maid or house servants perform different jobs in the house or specific task for which he/she has been assigned. These houses maid do different jobs at home like washing clothes, folding clothing, dish washing, ironing dresses, vacuuming, cooking meals, dusting, bed sheet changing, cleaning floors, furniture cleaning, kids caring and kitchen items purchasing and caring old family member. These houses job are also required by different hotels, hospitals and guest houses where house maid perform different duties. In hotels the house maids changes bed sheets, arrange flowers, clean windows and furniture. In hospital house maids cleans beds, chairs and other furniture. Similarly guest houses also take these sorts of duties from the house maid.

Qualification and experience
In Canada houses job employee must have a relevant experience in same field that is usually required one to three years. It is necessary for the house maid that he/she must have at least high school education. In Canada, there are some families which appoint house maid having at least graduation. He/she must have a household assignments awareness, active, having good organizational skills, physical fit and can work for long hours. Moreover, he/she must be legal in this country or have a valid visa. It is compulsory for the house maid that he/she must be fantastic in English and French. In case of toddler caring it is necessary for the house maid that he/she must have a prior experience of such type of job.

How to apply
These houses maid job are usually advertised in famous news papers and online recruiting website. The employer always provides he/her contact number, email address and postal address. The house maid can apply on given postal address or send an email or make a telephonic contact for details. However, there are some jobs providing agencies in this country which provide suitable jobs, but it needs prior registration as candidate. It is necessary for the house maid applicant that he/she must be legal in this country.

Salary and other facilities
In Canada, house maid perform different duties at home, hospital, hotels and guest houses from dish washing to kids caring. Hotels and guest house pay comparatively more than this because of higher income or as a commercial organization. That is why all household tasks have different salaries. However, the average house maid salary in Canada is in between C$14 to C$16 an hour.

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