Saudi Arabia house jobs

Saudi Arabia house jobs
Saudi Arabia is economically sound and amazing in its infrastructure. The resident of this country are economically stable because of fantastic job and per capita income of this country. Similarly, the foreign residents living in this country are also good in their economy. The native of Saudi Arabia and foreign national in this country hire house maid or sevenths to perform various jobs in the house. The house maid usually hires for caring kids and elder members of the family. However, there are different other jobs in the house, which are done by the house maids. Saudi Arabia housekeeper or house maids are hired for washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, food preparing, kids caring and purchasing of house items. These houses servant are also appointed by the commercial organization like hotels and hospitals. House maids in hotels and hospitals arrange rooms and wards, changing bed sheets, cleans room, walls, furniture, floors and other necessary tasks in the organization. In Saudi Arabia homes the house maids perform different works or duties according to the instructions of the house master or employer. These jobs are advertised in local newspapers and online websites. The advertisement also provides details of the house maid job, salary, duration and other provided facilities.

Saudi Arabia home servants or house maids are inducted from different countries or from within this country. However, employer usually hire house maid which understand or communicate in their language. Similarly, if he/she is aware about the culture or tradition of the employer ten it would be fantastic. The house maid is hired as a full-time maid or as a part-time maid. At the time of appointment the employer provide a list of task which will be done by the house maid. Saudi house maids job are usually cleaning, washing clothes, dish washing, cooking meals, ironing dresses and other assigned home tasks. Saudi Arabia housing maids sometime appoints for caring kids and elder family member or patient. These houses maid job are fantastic because of handsome salary package and other facilities according to the rules or settled through mutual understanding.

Qualification and experience
Saudi Arabia houses maid position is a key because it takes care the while family and house too. The Saudi Arabian families and other foreign resident families have different choices in the house maid because of tradition and other difference. However, some families prefers more qualified house maid while other have different criteria regarding this. Usually house maid experience should be three to five years in relevant field. He/she must be college graduate or at least intermediate qualification. Similarly, hotels and hospital have different criteria for induction of house maid for their organization.

How to apply
All these house maid jobs are published in news papers with employer contact number. The applicant can contact the employer on provided contact number or provided email. In case of email applicant send his/her curriculum vitae on this email address. These jobs also arrange by the local recruiting agents or agent, but house maid applicant can also make a contact with employer through provided contact number. In Saudi Arabia these house maid job demands Iqama or resident visa and it is arranged by the employer. It is not a difficult task and this visa can easily be arranged by the employer on the behalf of the house maid.

Salary and other facilities
Saudi Arabian houses maids or house servant earn handsome salary package, but it varies from employer to employer or organization to organization. However, in this country house maid earn between 1200 SAR to 1500 SAR per month along with other facilities like accommodation in case of full-time job, medical assistance and food supply according to local rules and regulations.


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